What's new in Virtual Families 3?

  • Posted on: 21 August 2016
  • By: Tom

Although this game is currently being developed and the release date is yet to be determined (till the end of 2016), their official site states that there are going to be many new features and improvements that will be worth the wait. Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home is supposed to be more polished than the previous version, especially when it comes to personalization, and a few of the planned new features are:

  1. You can now "bend" the family rules, so that you can have even bigger families (forget all about the six-kid limit!)
  2. Social features improvements
  3. Anti-Hack features to stop cheating
  4. Houses that you can decorate in a more advanced way, with better furniture placement and building options
  5. As the title says "Our country home", it's no surprise you'll now have the opportunity to take care of your own garden and lawn
  6. The promise of more of the features we've already seen gets us even more exited to see what's in store. "More" is never a bad thing. We want more!
  7. The expectations are high, but the game looks like it's going to live up to them. Hopefully, we'll have the release date soon!