Pokemon GO choose which team?

  • Posted on: 13 August 2016
  • By: Tom

As the Pokemon Go craze sweeps over the planet and shows no signs of stopping, its time to see what it is about the game that turns men and women of all ages into frenzied hunters obsessively poring over their Smartphones in hopes of catching yet another Pokemon.

In order to become a member of the Pokemon Go gaming community, one of the very first decisions that need to be taken after reaching level 5 is, which team should you choose to be a part of? There are three teams in the game that you can join. The team you pick will decide which faction the gyms your team claims belong to. A rumor is also doing the rounds that each team is tied to a particular legendary Pokemon bird which will be revealed in the future. For now, here's what you need to know about each team:

Team Mystic (Blue)-

The leader of this team is Blanche, and the team mascot is the Articuno, a Pokemon which possesses ice powers. This is the team for players who stay brave in the face of danger, and are more stoic about training their Pokemon and meeting the most dangerous Pokemon adversaries in a gym battle without flinching.

According to statistics released by Adobe recently, this is the most popular team at the moment, with its players counting for 45 percent of the gaming population on social media.

Team Valor (Red)-

The leader of this team is Candela, and the team mascot is Moltres, the legendary fire bird. This team has the most competitive pokemon trainers in the community, constantly trying to one up each other in their search for the next Pokemon, and engaging in frequent gym battles in order to gain command over even more territory.

It is the second most popular team after mystic, and is popular among gamers who take the task of catching Pokemon very seriously.

Team Instinct (Yellow)-

The team leader for this faction is Spark, and the team mascot is Zapdos, the legendary Pokemon bird with electric powers. Team yellow has to a certain extent, the image of plucky underdogs in the gaming world. They have the least number of members among the three teams, and they believe in trusting the Pokemon to be true to their natures and letting their inner talent shine bright.

Switching Teams:

Once you've picked a team, you're stuck with it. It is possible to set up a new account and choose a different team, but that will mean giving up all the Pokemon you've collected so far and having to start again from scratch.