Apps like Hotel Tonight to book last minute hotel rooms

  • Posted on: 27 December 2015
  • By: Tom

Spontaneous hotel bookings are very common nowadays since life has been easier since technology has allowed people to do such. There is an app for almost everything and even booking last minute hotel rooms has become possible. Such practice is common to affluent and techie people who rely mostly on their mobile devices in their day to day activities.
There are a lot of existing apps which you could use if you happen to be one of these people. For example, Hotel Tonight allows users to book a room as late as hours minutes before their stay or as early as a week in advance. Users of the app may choose between basic all the way to luxury.

Aside from Hotel Tonight, there are other apps with the same feature. Here are some of the most recommended apps in booking last minute hotel rooms:

1. Hipmunk
Hipmunk offers both last minute flight and hotel bookings. They provide options for searching flights, hotels, and last minute deals. Tonight Only deals provides a list of rooms that are discounted for a night. There are also a lot of filtering options to make sure that you get the best deal. Discounts may range between 10 to 40%.

2. WeHostels
The app is not solely for last minute bookings but they provide an inventory of affordable hostels all over the world. The app has a Here & Tonight button which makes searching and booking for a last minute room easy. For lucky users, they might even find private discounted rooms.

3. Tonight
The app has a directory that is so extensive and it offers a lot of filtering opetions such as nearest, most popular, star rating, and best price. Discounts may be 10% cheaper than what the hotel websites offer. While also has an app where you could book same day reservations, Tonight app is specifically for last minute bookings and you may have a greater shot with the app.

The app allows users to search hundreds of hotels worldwide just to find great deals. You may log in either as a guest user or as a registered user. The app provides 10 to 40% discount based on their ads but people who have tried it say that discounts only ranged from 5 to 15%.

5. Jetsetter Now
It has a Tonight section where the deals appear. It provides with panoramic photos and reviews of the hotels. However, the service is only limited to some cities in the US such as LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Miami, and New York.